• When was Aurinia Pharmaceuticals founded?
  • The company was incorporated in 1993 and its common shares have been listed in Canada since 1996. In September of 2013, the company acquired closely-held Aurinia Pharmaceuticals in an all stock transaction and subsequently adopted Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. as its new corporate name.

  • What is the vision for Aurinia?
  • Aurinia exists to make a difference. Our mission is to transform people‚Äôs lives by delivering therapeutics that change the course of autoimmune disease.

  • Where is Aurinia's stock listed?
  • The company's common shares are currently listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ:AUPH).

  • Who are Aurinia's independent auditors?
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP
    Chartered Accountants

  • Who is Aurinia's transfer agent and how does a registered shareholder contact the agent regarding account information?
  • The company's transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company of Canada.

    For help with:

    - Change of address
    - Transfer of shares
    - Loss of share certificates
    - Consolidation of multiple mailings to one shareholder
    - Estate settlements

    Please call Computershare's National Customer Contact Centre:
    1-800-5646253 (toll free North America)
    +1-514-982-7555 (call collect - International)


    Computershare Trust Company of Canada
    Shareholder Services Dept.
    100 University Avenue
    9th Floor
    Toronto, ON
    M5J 2Y1

  • Who should I contact if I want to learn more about Aurinia?
  • Contact:

    Dana Lynch
    Director, Corporate Communications
    Email: dlynch@auriniapharma.com